Roof Repair Services Ampang [ Nov 2023 ]

A damaged roof can be more problematic in the case of rains. It can ruin your day and cause many problems. Your roof might be too old, or there might be some problem with a certain part of the roof. If you are irritated due to water leakage from your roof, broken roof gutter, roof moss, or any other problem related to roofs, then don’t worry because we have a team of professional plumbers in Ampang that can solve this for you. We offer complete roof installation and repair services anywhere in Ampang. We can deal with all kinds of roofs, including concrete roof, tile roof, metal roof, skylight roof, etc. Just call us, and we will be at your doorstep.

Roof Repair Ampang

Why Do You Need Roof Repair Services in Ampang?

If you have noticed any roof leakage, water stains, or moss in the roof, then you must repair it as soon as possible. It might be a small problem, but it can turn into costly damage if you don’t pay attention at the right time. Many times, people underestimate a small wet portion of the roof, but it can be a sign of a big problem. Your roof might start leaking water in heavy rains, which would be problematic and irritating. Leakage water could also damage your furniture, appliances, and other things at your home. Thus, it’s a must to take action as early as possible.

Roof repairing is not DIY work. It requires experience and training. You might injure yourself or fall from the roof, so never take this immense risk. It’s better to hire professionals who do this daily. They have the required equipment, tools, and accessories. You only need to inform them, and they will repair your roof quickly with perfection. Mr.Plumber is always ready to offer roof repair services, Ampang. We can solve any kind of roof problem at a reasonable cost.

Causes of Roof Leakage in Ampang

There are many causes of roof leakage. Let’s see some of them.

Old Roof

The first and obvious reason for the leaking roof is the age of the roof. Every roof, whether it be of tiles or metals, has a maximum age. After that, you need to replace the roof. If your roof is too old, then you should not spend money on repairs. It’s better to replace it.

Broken Shingles

Many times, there are broken tiles or shingles. There can be a missing tile due to any reason, such as a windstorm. This problem can be easily solved. You need to replace the old shingles or tiles. You can call Mr.Plumber; we can easily solve this problem.

Vent Leaks

There might be gaps and leaks near the vents. It is common, and it requires maintenance after some time. You should repair it on time; otherwise, it will be the cause of leakage in the future.

Improper Slope

This is one of the most common mistakes that new plumbers or workers make. You don’t notice this problem after work because you get to know about it where there is heavy rain. If the rainwater deposits at a certain place of your roof, then it will cause a leak after some time. You must hire an expert during roof replacements. Professionals calculate the slope to overcome this problem in advance.


There can be any left hole or spacing on the roof, which can cause water leakage. Waterproof glue is applied to holes or gaps to prevent leakage.

Clogged Gutter/Downpipe

If the roof gutter or downpipe is clogged, then it will not allow water to go in the drain. This can also cause leakage problems in heavy rains. You can call plumbing or roof repairing services to clear the clog.

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If you are tired of repairing roof leakage or other roof problems, then call MrPlumber today. Mr.Plumber is a licensed, insured, reliable, and well-known plumbing service provider in Malaysia. No matter what kind of roof problem it is, we will repair it without any hassle. You only need to contact us. We come with our professional team and the required tools. You don’t need to provide anything. We detect the problem and solve it as quickly as possible. Our roof repair service Ampang team is always ready to provide you the best services. We are just one call away.