Toilet Installation Services in Ampang [ Nov 2023 ]

If you are irritated by your old toilet, then you don’t need to worry anymore. We can repair or install a new toilet anywhere in Ampang. Our plumbing team is always ready to serve you. We can also provide plumbing services in Ampang if you want to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. If your toilet is repairable, then we will repair it; otherwise, we will install a new one. We provide quick and satisfactory installation through professional and trained plumbers. We are just one call away.

Toilet Installation Services in Ampang

Why Do You Need To Book a Toilet Installation Service in Ampang?

Indeed, some toilet problems can be solved easily. You can fix a broken handle, deal with a clog, or solve other small problems, but the installation of a new toilet is not that easy. It requires expertise, tools, and training to install a new toilet. Many people hire a new plumber, but they get into more trouble after the installation. New plumbers don’t know everything. They usually mess up with things, and then you pay more to a professional plumber. It’s better to hire a professional and licensed plumber if you want long-term and satisfactory work.

The toilet installation must be accurate. If the toilet is not installed correctly, then it will start leaking after some time. A professional plumber installs the seals and installs the toilet properly. He does this thing every day. He has all the required tools to install the toilet. You don’t need to do anything or provide anything. If you are thinking of installing a new toilet, call Mr.Plumber. Our toilet installation service, Ampang team, will be at your doorstep.

Signs That Indicate You Need a New Toilet

There are a few signs that are the true indication that you need a new toilet. You must replace the toilet if you have gone through one of these signs. Let’s discuss them.

Frequent Clogging

Frequent clogging is a sign that you should replace your toilet with a new one. After years of use, the area of the drain is reduced by the build-up of layers. So, if you are facing frequent clogging, then you must replace your toilet.

Cracked Toilet Bowl

If there is any crack in your bowl, then it’s better to replace it. After some time, the crack will start to leak, which will be more problematic. Moreover, you cannot repair the crack; the only solution is the replacement.

Mineral Deposits

If you use hard water, then there are more chances of mineral deposits. After some time, these deposits block the way of water. So, you cannot flush your toilet properly. In some cases, you can remove the deposits, but if the mineral formation is too old, then it’s necessary to replace the toilet bowl.

Frequent Repairs

Many people are irritated due to frequent repairs. They have to pay for the broken handle, broken flapper, clog removal, and other things. If you are frequently paying for repairs, you must think about a new toilet.

Damaged Surface

You cannot repair the damaged surface of your toilet. If it’s damaged, the only solution is its replacement. Otherwise, it might harm you in the future.


If your toilet bowl is leaking, then it’s time to replace it. Leakage is usually caused by dropping a heavy item in the bowl. A small crack can also start leaking after some time. The leakage from the toilet can also damage your flooring. It must be solved as soon as possible. If there is a leakage in the bowl, you need to replace it; there is no other way.

The leakage can also be in the flush tank. If the seal of the tank is alright, then there must be a leakage. The leakage can be due to a hole or crack. In this case, you need to replace the whole system or the tank only.

Contact Mr.Plumber Today!

Toilet installation is not a DIY job. You need to call professional plumbers for the installation of your new toilet. Mr.Plumber is not a new name. We have been providing plumbing services all over Ampang for more than a decade. Our team is always ready to install a new toilet. Our team comes well-equipped and completes the work with perfection. Just call us and leave everything to us.