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Clean and potable water is everyone’s top priority. Therefore, whether it’s a commercial property or residential, people install a water tank to store water. Water tanks require maintenance after a certain period. We are always available for the maintenance of your tank. We provide all kinds of water tank services in Cheras.

Whether it be the installation of a new tank or refurbishment of an old tank, we have got you covered.

As a professional plumbing company in Cheras, we can provide the solution to all problems that are related to water tanks. We can provide cleaning, leakage repair, refurbishment, crack repairing, water tank coating, and a few more services.

Mr.Plumber is a one-stop solution to all water tank problems. So, call us today to keep your tank clean and intact.

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Common Water Tank Services in Cheras That Everyone Needs

There are some common water tank services that we require. Let’s discuss them.

Water Tank Cleaning

The most common service is the cleaning of the water tank. You need to keep the tank clean because you store potable water in it. There is an accumulation of contaminants over the walls and the bottom surface of the tank. These contaminants pollute water. When there is a high concentration of contaminants, the water is not suitable for drinking and other purposes. So, you need to keep the water tank clean.

Water Tank Leakage/Crack Repair

There can be a leakage or crack in your water tank. This problem usually occurs after a few years of using the water tank. You need to solve this problem as early as possible because it does not allow you to store water. Leakage can be easily repaired while a crack requires the replacement of the panel.

Water Tank Coating

If you want to preserve the water tank for a long time, then you should apply coating on your water tank. Due to weather conditions, the tank can undergo rusting and corrosion. The life of the tank decreases in the case of rusting and corrosion. The coating prevents corrosion and rusting and increases the life of the tank.

Water Tank Refurbishment

If your tank is old, then water tank refurbishment can provide it a new life. Refurbishment is less expensive than replacement. It can provide more life to the tank. It’s better to refurbish your tank after using it for a few years.

Water Tank Installation

If you want to install a new water tank or replace your old water tank, then you need installation service. The experts remove the old tank and install a new one. They also provide the plumbing services for the tank.

Water Tank Services Cheras

Why Do You Need Water Tank Services??

Access to healthy water is nothing less than a precious gift. People store water in tanks to use it when required. Tanks are the primary source of water storage in all commercial and residential properties.

They store water safely and maintain its potability. Thus, a water tank is an important and essential thing, but it requires regular maintenance and repair. The maintenance of a water tank is not something that you can do easily.

For instance, the cleaning of a water tank seems easy, but it is not. First, you need to take out water from the tank. Then, it requires special cleaning agents to disinfect the tank. The contaminants in the water require special treatment. Moreover, it’s not easy to clean a packed tank.

Thus, you need water tank services from a reliable plumbing company.

Water tank cleaning is as easy as compared to other services that include refurbishment, coating, and reinstallation. These services require expertise and special tools and equipment. Thus, you need a reliable service provider to get your problem solved.

Mr.Plumber provides water tank services in Cheras. Our team is always ready to provide you the best services.

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