Toilet Installation Services Kota Damansara [ Jul 2024 ]

A toilet is a major part of any bathroom to truly provide the “comfort” it is intended for. However, an old, worn-out toilet sometimes does more bad than good. It is best to know when it’s time to let go of that poor quality toilet and have a new one installed. When it comes to toilet installation service in Kota Damansara, MrPlumber prides itself with experience and a good reputation.

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Top Reasons To Replace a Toilet

Frequent clogs:

A clogged toilet, especially if it requires you to plunge more than once a week is such a nuisance.

Old toilet models require you to flush more than once and are often disturbed by random stoppages. It is very inconvenient having to plunge toilets and if you have to do it every so often, it is probably time to buy a new toilet.

Too many repairs:

Fixing some common issues with the toilet is easy. However, if you have an old toilet that requires frequent repairs or repairing too many parts that cost, weigh repair costs versus a new toilet.

Buying a new toilet will save you money in the long run if your toilet is frequently in trouble.


Toilets can develop cracks in the tank or bowl over time. Thin ones do not require urgent replacement of the toilet but you should keep an eye on leaks when you flush.

Check your tank regularly when you clean your toilet to spot any crack for it can lead to flooding.

Save Water

It is always wise to switch to a low-flush toilet that can save you on water bills for a long time. You can also help the environment by doing so.

Toilet Installation Kota Damansara

What to Consider for Toilet Installation

Low-Water consumption toilets: Thanks to developmental advancements, toilets are now designed to consume less water so it is best to ask a sales clerk about it when choosing. There are also dual flush toilets that let you choose from two flushing buttons so you can save less water when you just have to flush a pee.

Shape: Toilets come in either round or oval. Still more popular is the oval-shaped that meets most plumbing needs. Others find round toilets better when trying to fit a small space.

Height: Toilets have different heights to accommodate different heights of users though standard height is about 15 inches. You know if you need a higher one in your household.

Performance: Toilet flushing can either be gravity or pressure type. Pressure assist types are more water-efficient than gravity type toilets but they are pricier and noisier. Take time to review the flushing performance of two or three brands for this is what matters most when deciding to buy a toilet.

Measurements: It is also wise to measure your old toilet if you have a small room space so you can be sure to buy the same size.

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