Water Tank Services in Kota Damansara [ Nov 2023 ]

MrPlumber is your one-stop water tank specialist. You never have to worry about leaks, worn out or dirty tanks.

We are able to provide a range of plumbing services in Kota Damansara that make your water tank perform at its best.

Our team can help you have a clean water tank for we believe it is never good to neglect its cleanliness. More importantly, you can count on us to fix any problem with it.

No matter the extent of damage, our technicians can perform the very best repair. We will thoroughly assess the issue to be able to work out the right solution. If replacement is the best solution, we can also install a new water tank that suits your needs.

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Why Clean Water Tank is Important?

Water that enters the tank may be clean, but substances found in water may react with the tank material and form layers of pollutants or sediments.

Thus, water tanks need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly in order to maintain portability.

Dirty tanks lose water’s portability and usability.

Even if you only use water from the tank for domestic use, dirty water still loses its usability.

It can still enter your system when you use it for cleaning, rinsing fruits or brushing your teeth. Safe and clean water should be a top priority.

Unclean tanks can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Particles that build up in tanks contaminate water, making it unsafe for use. It poses risks to the health and affects even the skin or hair of users.

Regular water tank clean is key to maintaining quality water for domestic or commercial use.

Regular cleaning minimizes damage to the water tank system.

This practice not just ensures safety of water, but also reduces the chances of damaging the pump. It also extends the lifespan of water filters.

Water Tank Services Kota Damansara

Common Causes of Water Tank Leaks?

Rust and Cracks: Rusting and cracks is quite common for old water tanks. If your tank is quite old, it is important to maintain it regularly to check leaks and fix it before getting worse.

Changing Weather: Extreme weather conditions can also affect the material of your tank especially if it is exposed to the outdoors.

Worn Parts: Some parts also lead to leaks, such as operating valves that control flow of water. Overflow of water could lead to wastage and a broken tank.

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