Toilet Installation Service Petaling Jaya [ Jul 2024 ]

Are you irritated with your toilet? Are you paying for frequent repairs?

If yes, then it’s time to replace your toilet. You can install a new one to save money for the long term. Frequent repairs, the broken bowl, or cracks are the obvious and important signs that indicate you should change your toilet as soon as possible.

Otherwise, it could create a big problem one day, and you’ll have to pay more to solve the problem. So, get a new toilet installed at the right time. Mr.Plumber provides toilet installation services for new and old homes.

Whether you want to replace your old toilet or install a new one at your new house, we offer a variety of plumbing services in Petaling Jaya to fix your issue.

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Why Is It Necessary to Hire Professional Plumbers in Petaling Jaya for Toilet Installation?

Hiring a professional plumber is necessary for every plumbing work, especially for toilet installation, because it’s more difficult. Toilet installation requires expertise. So, it is not a work that you can do on your own, or a new plumber can handle. Let’s see a few reasons to select a professional plumber for toilet installation.

Experience and License

Professional plumbers are experienced. They have experience in solving different plumbing problems. They are also insured to cover any damage to the neighbor or your property that could accidentally happen. You can rely on a licensed plumber.

Proper Installation

The toilet must be properly installed if you want it to last for a long time. Otherwise, it will start irritating you after some time. A professional plumber installs the toilet correctly. He solves all the related problems to prevent future problems. So, it’s better to take services from a professional.

Reasonable Cost

Professional plumbers charge you a reasonable price for the work. They don’t waste your money on repairing or replacing the things that are working properly. They save money and provide the best solution to the problem.

Toilet Installation Services Petaling Jaya

Toilet Problems That Cannot Be Solved Without Replacing a Toilet

There is no doubt that most of the problems can be solved after repair. But some problems are adverse, and they need toilet replacement. Let’s see some of the problems that need toilet replacement.

Leakage in the Bowl

If there is leakage in the toilet bowl, then it cannot be repaired. It’s better to replace the toilet.

The leakage can also cause other problems, including mess in the area and molds under the flooring. You need to solve this problem as early as you can.

Cracked Bowl

A cracked toilet bowl looks weird. It’s also embarrassing when a guest uses your toilet. Cracks cannot be repaired.

Moreover, they can also cause leakage in the future. So, it’s better to replace the toilet at the right time before the condition gets more severe.

Excess Mineral Deposition

Mineral deposition can be cleaned using chemicals. But if the deposition is too old, and it has narrowed the drain, then you need to replace the toilet. It’s not easy to clear the old deposition.

You might break the toilet bowl if you try to clean it with a hard object. The best way to get rid of this problem is the installation of a new toilet.

Damaged Surface

A damaged surface looks weird and causes embarrassment in front of guests.

In the case of surface damage, you need to replace the toilet. Otherwise, it might harm you or others.

Leaky and Old Flush Tank

If there is a small leakage from the seal, then it can be easily repaired by changing the seal.

Some holes can also be filled, but if the toilet flush tank is too old, then it’s better to change it.

The plastic of the old flush tank is fragile, so it will also create other problems in the future.

Toilet Installation Services

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