No one enjoys dealing with roof leaks, but inevitably they occur. Over time, roofs deteriorate and sustain damage. Thus, setting aside funds for roof repairs is a wise financial move for homeowners.

Fortunately, most roof leaks are not permanent and can be repaired easily, especially if done by a professional roof contractor in Malaysia. Whether the cause of your roof leak is due to poor maintenance or general damage due to years of use, it is important to know the most common causes so you can avoid them and prolong the life of your roof.

Here are the five most common causes of roof leaks.

1. Neglect On Maintaining The Roof

When you do not properly take care of your roof, expect a leakage to occur. Check and clean your roofs often to prevent any damage and to attend to the repairs immediately should you spot them. Have holes resealed as soon as you see them to prevent serious water damage to your home? A leak can damage walls, weaken the integrity of your home’s structure, and cause the growth of mold, which can have dire effects on one’s health.

2. Walking On The Roof

Walking On The Roof

This may seem odd, but it is a common roof leakage cause. While it is okay to walk on your roof, the mistake lies in carelessness like the dropping of tools. Not all roof material can handle heavy tools and equipment so you need to be extra careful if you want to avoid issues like roof leaks. Even when not caused by people directly, be careful when you are near areas with HVAC units. Fallen branches and even heavy fruit can be the cause of damage.

3. Weather

Unlike other factors, the weather is a consistent factor we can not control. When you live in areas that experience intense weather such as ice and snow, the water and other debris can gather in gutters and drains, which then leads to leaks. In unfortunate circumstances, hurricanes can even diminish an entire roof.

4. Broken shingles

Broken shingles

This is quite a common roof leak cause. When storms and intense weather occurs, the shingles of your roof may break or become dislodged. Water and debris can then get into the home and cause damage. Thankfully, shingles can be easily repaired and replaced.

5. Cracked flashing

If you do not know what flashing is, it is located just below the shingles and it is used to create that water-resistant barrier. When this is cracked (often caused by storms), a leak may result. It is crucial to fix this immediately to prevent further leakage.

By figuring out the root causes, you will be able to prevent roof leaks later on. Even as they are frustrating and difficult to deal with, roof leaks can always be fixed right away. And you can prevent future damage by having these repairs done by a professional.

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