Everybody loves to do DIY projects. Some household plumbing repairs are not a big thing to worry about. You can also solve them by yourself if you have proper tools and equipment. It is fun and exciting to do the plumbing work by yourself until something goes horribly wrong. Changing a pipe or tap or tap is one thing and getting involved in a complex plumbing problem is another. Sometimes if you screw up, the fixing cost may cost you more money than before. So, it is better to call a professional plumbing service provider in KL,Malaysia like MrPlumber, if you are not sure how to do the work. Here the common mistakes the DIYers make when resolving the plumbing issues and problems.

Common Plumbing Mistakes

Not Turning Off The Main Water Supply

This seems like a very common thing to do before performing any plumbing problem. But it can get out of anybody’s mind. This common and simple mistake can cause a plumbing disaster. The water keeps running from the fixture or the working place and within a few seconds, there will be water everywhere. DIYers always tend to be smart as everyone but sometimes they make mistakes that cause utter humiliation and damage to the house.

Over Tightening Connection

Over tightening connections like pipes and faucets are the most common DIYer problem. If you over tighten a galvanized pipe or an elbow, there is a high risk of cracking if you tighten a little too much. The crack may not seem a sudden crack but it can crack in a few weeks. The reason behind the cracking of these pipes is due to the torque produced by over-tightening. The pipe can not bear this much tightening and causes a crack and leakage. Later on, it can flood the house due to this little mistake.

Using The Wrong Tape

The tape of a plumber is not the same as simple electric tape. They use a Teflon tape to properly seal the connection or a pipe. The tape needs to be wrapped clockwise around the thread to ensure the safety and proper working of the tape. DIYers wrap the tape in the opposite direction making no sense in using the thread tape. If the tape is not wrapped properly, then it will unwind when you will tight the fitting. It will eventually result in a leak after some time.

Over Using The Drain Cleaner

One of the easiest ways to clean a pipe or drain is to use a chemical drain cleaner. As helpful as it sounds, it has other effects too. Many DIYers use chemical drain cleaner more than the amount that is instructed. It is not the best choice to clean a drain. If used more often, it can cause damage to metal pipes, resulting in leaks. One of the major problems due to using drain cleaners is the fume of this chemical drain cleaner that can cause difficulty in breathing and may cause breathing issues.

Furthermore, if you pour a heavy amount in the drain due to a clog, and still that clog does not go away, then? In this case, when the plumber will open the pipeline, he and you will be exposed to a heavy amount of a toxic chemical that is not beneficial to your health.

Not Having Appropriate Tools

DIYers never give up and try to solve the problem by themselves. But some problems are just not in their hands. Plumbing may seem easy as a professional plumber has proper tools to work with. These tools are not the common tools we use in our daily lives. Most DIYers use the same tool we have in our house and that causes the problem to spread even more. You can prevent these mistakes by buying a cheap set of plumbing tools. In the case of small and minor problems, you can use these tools to eradicate the issue.


People who are used to do all the housework, do not step back from plumbing issues as well. Although plumbing is not a difficult to-do job, it requires experience and proper tools. DIYers sometimes are successful in solving the issue but sometimes make it even worse. The simple mistake that DIYers make is that they forget to turn off the water before starting the plumbing work. They over tighten the connection and use the wrong tape sometimes. But the most severe problem is the excessive usage of chemical drain cleaner. DIYers should learn all these things and avoid making these mistakes anymore.

If you are stuck in any plumbing problem, and you don’t know how to deal with it, call MrPlumber. We have experienced and trained plumbers who can solve your problem quickly.