A toilet is one of the essential parts of our house. We should at least know how a toilet works and how to maintain it. If we are unable to maintain it, then we will need a professional plumber to come over to service the toilet. It is an added expense, and thus we should know how to clean and maintain it. Installing a new toilet requires tools and equipment. So, if you are not calling in the plumber to install your toilet, then go to the market and buy appropriate tools. However, there can be a mistake while installing a toilet. So, it is recommended that you should call a plumbing company in Puchong to come and install a toilet in your home. If it is a new home, they will only need to install it, but if not, then the old toilet will be replaced.

Easy Steps To Install A Toilet

There are simple and easy steps that we are going to discuss on how to install a toilet. You can either call a plumber or install it by yourself by following these steps. A professional plumber will also follow these steps. The steps are quite easy, safe, and quick to install the toilet. Let us get into the easy installation steps of a toilet.

1) Install A New Flange

If you are installing a completely new toilet, then you first need to install a new flange. Take a screwdriver and mount bolts on the flange through the floor. But if you are replacing a toilet, then you need to replace the old flange with the new one. Unbolt the screws and remove the old flange and install a new to increase the life of the toilet.

2) Fit A Wax Ring

When you have successfully installed the flange, place a wax ring just around the drainage hole. Wax ring is important because it prevents leakage and keeps your toilet dry. Otherwise, your toilet will leak due to the absence of a wax ring.

3)  Check the Flange

It is important to check the flange, whether it is tight or not. If it is not properly tightened, then you may need to remove the wax ring, unbolt the screws, and bolt in again to ensure it is tight. It is the foundation of the toilet and a passage between the toilet and the drain. It should be properly installed and tightened.

4) Place The Toilet Bowl

This process is very tricky and important. You need to safely lift the toilet bowl and place it over the bolts of the flange. You may not succeed in the first try because it is a little difficult and requires many trials. However, a professional may place it in the first try because of his experience.

5) Seal The Toilet Drainage Hole

After fitting the anchor bolt properly, you will need to rock the toilet bowl from side to side. This rocking seals the toilet drainage. You need to do the same thing as you did to remove the old toilet. Move it from side to side.

6) Insert The Bolts

This is a tricky step and may crack your toilet. Take the bolts and securely tighten them through the tank and base of the toilet. Do not overtighten them as it will crack and creak your ceramic toilet.

7) Level The Toilet

If your toilet is shaking and not properly fit, place a spacer to make it stable.

8) Fit The Basin

One of the final steps is to fit the basin bowl over the toilet. Place the basin slowly and make sure it fits inside the bowl. It is advised to tighten the basin bolts with hand and not over tighten them.

9) Connect Water Supply

Connect water supply to the toilet and basin and ensure there is no leakage.

10) Seal The Toilet Securely

Once your toilet is up and working, seal the surrounding of the toilet with silicone or caulk around the base.


Installing a toilet requires ten simple steps. You can either ask a plumber or install it by yourself. Installing the toilet is a risky thing if you have no experience. So, it is better to call in the professional to install it. We have discussed some easy and simple steps to install the toilet. If you are sure that you can follow the steps with ease, then install it. Otherwise, you must call a professional plumber.