Bathroom drains are the most used drain in the house. We must take care of them and check whether they are operating properly without any blockage or not. A fully functional and operating bathroom also keeps the user happy while taking a shower or using the toilet. You need to maintain your bathroom drains if you want to protect them from clogging and leaking.

However, there are many affordable plumbing services. You can contact a professional and trained KL plumbing team that can keep your drains clean and clear. You can set up a monthly inspection and cleaning of your bathroom drains to prevent any clogs and drain block. Furthermore, professional plumbers have proper tools and techniques that will help you protect your bathroom drain.

Here are some tips and techniques that can help you to protect your bathroom drains.

Let’s discuss them.

Tips To Protect Your Bathroom Drains

Use A Screen Over The Drain

Place a simple screen over the drain so that it catches hair, grease, soap residue, and all things that can form a clog in the drain. There are many types of screens available at the local plumbing store. There are different types of screens for sink and shower drains. Take a picture or size of your drain before going to buy a screen so that it can fit perfectly. To avoid screen blockage, you should clean your screen daily or after one/ two days. Check for any build on the screen daily and throw out any residue or debris formed on the screen. It will help you in protecting your bathroom drain.

Brush Your Hair Before Taking A Shower

It is an excellent technique to keep your hair away from the drain and avoid clogging. It is advised that you brush your hair as it is a major cause of drain clogging. Keeping your hair away from the drain can prevent drain blockage because most of the hair is disposed of by brushing before taking a shower.

Be Careful About What You Drain

Even if you have applied a screen over your drain, it is not possible that the screen will take care of everything. You need to be careful about what you put in the drain. Screens don’t work with harmful and acidic liquids. Wipes, soap scum, and facial tissues can easily clog your bathroom drain. Moreover, make sure that oil, eggshells, and other grains do not go down the drain as they can cause drain blockage. Make sure to dispose of them in a dustbin or your backyard.

Bath Your Pets Outside The Bathroom

We all know that pets shred their hair very much. Their hair is coarser than human hair. If you bath your pets in the washroom, then excess hair going down the drain will cause your drain to clog and block. Make sure to wash and bath your pets outside the bathroom and in your lawn or backyard. Use a hose or bucket to wash your pets; they are cleaner, and your bathroom will stay clean, and your drain will stay clear. Or, you can apply a wrap on the screen and then remove all the hair once you are done giving a bath to your pet.

Avoid Acidic Cleaner And Chemicals

Commonly, we all buy liquid cleaning products from the market. These products help in clearing the clog and the drain. But excess use of the cleaner can lead to the chemical formation in the pipe that will cause a clog, which is harder to clean. Moreover, these acidic cleaners will eat away your pipes and shorten the lifespan of your drain. Look for better ways to clean your drain rather than using these chemical cleaners.


It is very important to take care of your bathroom drain. In case of any mishappening, your drains can overflow and cause a dirty flood in your bathroom. To avoid this situation, you must protect your bathroom drains as much as you can. You can use screens over the drain, and you can brush your hair before taking a shower. Avoid bathing your pets in the washroom and be careful about what you put into the drain. Moreover, if you cannot do all these things, then you can contact professional plumbers to take care of your bathroom drains.