Plumbing is a complicated system that we don’t often think about until something goes wrong. Puchong homeowners can use these plumbing hacks to save time, money, and the headache of dealing with an emergency issue. These hacks are easy to follow and will help you keep your pipes in good shape so that they last longer and work better for you.

Own Basic Plumbing Tools

Homeowners in Puchong should have proper plumbing tools for quick and easy plumbing repairs. This is because plumbing issues have a tendency to occur at the worst possible time, especially for homeowners in Puchong with hectic schedules.

Homeowners in Puchong can save money by fixing most plumbing problems on their own using simple and cheap tools. The following are the basic plumbing tools that homeowners in Puchong should have:

1.Pliers: This is a simple and cheap tool that homeowners in Puchong should have. In most cases, plumbing problems are caused by the accumulation of hair and other greasy substances on the pipe. The plier can be used to remove these materials quickly and easily.

2. Wrench: Besides being able to fix leakages, a wrench serves as a replacement to the plier in tight spaces. It can also be used for tightening pipes and nuts, among other uses.

3. Flashlight: Homeowners in Puchong will need this tool when they are attempting to fix leaking issues at night or during power outages.

4. Pipe wrench: This is an advanced plumbing tool. It is used to cut pipes and unscrew plumbing fittings, among other things.

5. Adjustable plier: This tool is also an advanced plumbing tool that is used to adjust pipes and sleeves.

6. Tape measure: The tape measure will help homeowners in Puchong properly fix water heaters, toilets, and other fixtures by measuring the size of the parts correctly.

It is highly recommended that homeowners in Puchong invest in a toolbox and keep their basic plumbing tools inside for easy access.

Spot A Water Leak

To fix a leak, it is necessary for homeowners in Puchong to know where the leak is coming from. Homeowners in Puchong can use minerals such as chalk or toothpaste around their water pipes. If there are any leaks, these substances will make them visible.

Also, homeowners in Puchong should turn off the water supply and wait for an hour to check if there are any leaks.

It’s a hack that homeowners in Puchong should know.

Tip: After fixing the leak, homeowners in Puchong can use wax remover to remove any traces of the chalk or toothpaste for aesthetic reasons.

Replace A Showerhead

Showerheads are affordable and can be easily replaced. Replacing a showerhead is one of the best plumbing hacks because it leads to better water pressure in the bathroom, saving money on monthly water bills.

To replace a showerhead, homeowners in Puchong just need to turn off the water supply and remove the old one from its fitting. The new showerhead can then be easily attached.

Repair A Slow Drain

When a drain is slow, homeowners in Puchong can use cleaners such as baking soda and vinegar to unclog it. These two items are inexpensive and effective when used together. They do not offer the same level of effectiveness if they are used alone or in sequence.

As an alternative, homeowners in Puchong can use a plunger to unclog their drain. Homeowners in Puchong can find different designs of plungers, like the U-shaped ones for sinks and toilets. The advantage of using a plunger is that it does not require any additional tools to fix the drain.

Fix A Leaky Pipe

Leaks in pipes are not uncommon at home, especially for homeowners in Puchong with older pipelines. To fix a leaky pipe, apply silicone or Teflon tape to the threads of the leaking pipe and tighten it back into its fitting. However, this method should only be used if there is a minor leak. Homeowners with more severe pipe leaks should hire a local plumber from Puchong instead.

This is because fixing a pipe leak requires homeowners to shut off the water supply and drain it first. Plumbers have special training on how to fix leaking pipes, which is why they should do this task.

Clean Your Shower Drain

This is a simple hack that should be done regularly. Cleaning your shower drain can help you avoid several problems, including those involving the accumulation of mold and mildew inside the drain, which could cause a bad smell in your bathroom.

A common misconception about this hack is that cleaning clogs drain. However, this only happens if homeowners add too much water. It is recommended that homeowners in Puchong clean their shower drains once every two weeks to avoid issues. To do this hack, all homeowners need are vinegar and baking soda, which cost less than RM6 together.

The process involves pouring half a cup of baking soda into the drain while running water through it at the same time. Then, add half a cup of vinegar into the drain. As an alternative, homeowners in Puchong can use hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice in place of vinegar. The mixture should fizz and foam up as it unclogs the drain.

Homeowners would have to leave the solution inside their shower drain overnight before taking it out the following day.

Test Your Toilet Flapper Valve

Toilets are prone to leaking. Due to this, homeowners in Puchong should regularly test their toilet flapper valve. This can be done by dropping a few drops of food coloring into the tank and then waiting for 15 minutes before checking the bowl. If there is color inside the bowl, homeowners can immediately replace the flapper valve.

To avoid leaks, it is best to put fewer toilet paper sheets and avoid using harsh cleaning products inside the bowl. For added protection from leaking, they can buy wax-free toilet tissue that’s designed to prevent clogging in toilets.

Inspect Your Hot Water Heater Regularly

It is very easy for homeowners to forget about their hot water heater when they use it regularly. However, this could lead to an increase in the risk of a fire if the hot water heater is broken.

Homeowners can inspect their hot water heaters by checking whether there are rust spots on them. They also need to check whether there are leaks from these devices.

It is recommended that homeowners in Puchong inspect their hot water heaters at least twice a year. If there are rust spots or leaks, they would have to contact a plumbing service provider right away for repairs.


We hope you’ve found these plumbing hacks useful. If not, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to offer our professional advice on any aspects of plumbing repairs or installation that might interest you. Remember, it’s always better to plan ahead than have a disaster happen!