Plumbing mishaps can occur in our living spaces, and they tend to be quite bothersome, especially when you’re not sure how to handle them.

If you’re a new homeowner in Shah Alam, it’s important that you know a few DIY fixes that can save you a few bucks. Plumbing systems work without us seeing it, and we don’t often realize that they are subject to wear and tear until it’s too late, and you see water leaking, or a few of your drains clogged.

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Below are 8 important plumbing tips for homeowners like you in Shah Alam:

Know where your Water Main is

If there are emergency water leaks at your home, especially a major one, the first thing you can do is to find your water main. A water main has a shutoff valve in the form of a lever or a wheel. This valve helps to temporarily stop the water from flowing. It is usually located outside of your house, so it’s quite important that you can access it quickly.

Watch out for Signs of Water Leaks

There’s no better way than to spot early signs of water leaks. Sometimes, they’re too unnoticeable that you’d end up surprised with a heavy leak and a major pipe burst. Common signs of water leaks include discoloration of walls or a moldy, mildew smell in an area, especially the basement.

Learn to do Quick Fixes to Leaking Pipes

Getting to know how to do quick fixes to a leaking pipe can help you manage a minor issue before it causes you serious damage. Applying temporary fixes like using epoxy can save you while waiting for a local plumber near you to deal with the leak.

Learn How to Deal with Clogged Drains

The shower and kitchen sink are the famous ones when it comes to clogged drains. When taking a shower, our hair falls off, and they normally clog the drain. When you’re confronted with a situation like this, try to avoid using liquid drain cleaners at all costs. Yes, they work quite fast, but they don’t do good with your plumbing infrastructure. Instead, use a snake tool or a similar one to pull off what’s clogging your drain.

Take Care of your Toilet

Flushing toilet paper, baby wipes, and other similar things down the toilet can cause clogs. Although you can use a plunger, it’s best if you can avoid using one in the future. Sometimes, toilet leaks can also be difficult to tell. One common practice of checking it is by using food coloring. Put it in the toilet tank and wait for about 30 minutes. If you still see the color, you’re possibly having a leak.

Mind what goes into the Garbage Disposal

The use of garbage disposal is a smart way of cleaning your kitchen sink. However, knowing what goes into it is important. Coffee grounds, eggshells, nuts, seeds, cooking oil, and even pasta and rice should not go into your garbage disposal. After some time, grease can solidify, starchy vegetables can wrap around the blade, pasta and rice can swell with water, all these can eventually clog your drain. In the worst cases, they can even produce foul odor in the kitchen.

Fix Dripping Faucets

Your faucets can be dripping a few drops of water and it can be pretty annoying. A few drops, if accumulated can fill several gallons of water in a year, and an extra penny in your water bill. It can be because your water has high pressure, or your faucet needs a few fixings. If not for the first one, it should be the latter. Online tutorials are widely available that you can fix this issue all on your own.

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Get an Inspection with a Local Plumber

If things get out of hand, hiring a local plumber in Shah Alam is the wisest thing you can do. Not everything can be fixed the DIY way, so getting help from experts is much better. There are many reputable plumbers in Shah Alam, but you can always ask your acquaintances for a recommendation. Also, having a plumber to conduct a home inspection of your plumbing infrastructure can give you a heads up of what problems may disturb you in the future.