Plumbing is a challenging profession. There’s always an element of surprise when you delve into a home or office space to search for leaks, blockages, and various other problems that need repairs.

But there are some basics tools that our professional plumber service team carry with them at all times–tools that can help make any job easier to complete, no matter how big or small!

In this blog post, we’ll go over those plumbing tools that every professional should have in their toolbox. So, read on below to know more!



Among the things that a plumber should have is a plunger to help clear clogs. While not all clogs can be cleared with a plunger alone, it is an excellent tool for helping get water moving again and allowing the toilet or sink to drain without any issues.

The plunger looks like a large cup with a suction hole on the bottom and creates a seal over whatever water it is put against. When you push down, the plunger will have created enough pressure to create an airtight barrier that forces liquid back out of clogs in pipes or toilets so they can be flushed away.

There are also plungers designed for sinks which work just like those designed for bathrooms but require more force because there isn’t always as much water weight behind them!

Telescopic tube cutter

Another tool you can expect plumbers to be carrying is a telescoping tube cutter. This is a tool that cuts through metal pipes, like copper or PVC pipe, to make them shorter.

When you need to cut metal piping because it’s too long and the water flow has been reduced as a result of this issue, using the appropriate length for every corner in your plumbing system can be very difficult–especially when you lack experience!

Luckily, with a telescopic tube cutter,, you can insert a tube between the blades and twist the blades to cut through it, saving time and effort.

Pipe cutter

pipe cutter

A pipe cutter is a simple tool that is used to clean pipe threads. This tool is designed for plumbing work and can also help make certain repairs, including replacing pipes when they are worn out from years of use!


It can easily get dark when you’re working in dim places, especially when you have to crawl under a sink or behind a toilet. That’s why it’s always important for plumbers and other professionals to carry with them at all times a good flashlight!

A lot of professional-grade flashlights will give off an intense beam that can help light up areas even if they are on the opposite end of whatever is being fixed. This comes in handy during some repairs because we never know how dark small spaces might be present underneath sinks and toilets where water pipes go through walls.

Metal file

A metal file is a tool that is used to clean off rough edges on metal pipes. This tool can also be helpful in removing any corrosion or rust from a pipe, which might make it difficult for water to flow through them.


claw hammer

If you haven’t seen a claw hammer, then you may not know what it is. A claw hammer looks like a regular hammer but has metal claws on the end opposite of the head that are used to help pull nails out!

This tool can also be helpful when you’re plumbing because nails and screws can be used to secure pieces of wood, metal, or plastic together. For instance, a claw hammer is often the best tool for securing PVC piping on top of wooden planks, so it doesn’t move or budge easily.

Inspection camera

Pipes can be hard to inspect, so a good way to find out if there are any leaks or clogs would be by using an inspection camera. This is a device that’s placed inside pipes and can transmit video back to the user on their phone, tablet, or computer, so they don’t have to crawl into tight spaces!

In a Nutshell

It is important for any professional plumber to know the tools they will need on a job. This article has outlined some of the essential plumbing tools that every plumber should carry with them at all times, so you can be prepared and well-equipped when it comes time to do your next job.

If you are interested in learning about our plumbing services or any questions about this article, don’t hesitate to reach out!