A nice and clean bathroom leaves a good impression on people. No matter how clean your whole house is, if your bathroom is dirty and drippy, then you won’t have a good impression on people. Many significant signs will tell you that your bathroom needs remodeling.

When you feel that your bathroom is outdated and it smells, that is where you know you need to upgrade it. Even when there is rust on fixtures, and your toilet clogs frequently, you know that your bathroom needs a renovation. Plumbing is not a small thing, especially for a bathroom; it is very crucial. You need to make sure that plumbing is fully functional. You must fix the issue if there is any.

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Here are four signs that tell you it’s time to upgrade your bathroom fixtures.

Leaky Faucets and Water Lines

If you have leaky faucets or dripping water lines, then it’s time to consider solving these issues. These issues are not major but can turn into a major problem if not looked upon on time. When you start experiencing this issue, you need to upgrade your bathroom plumbing as soon as you can. Otherwise, it will lead to more problems. Leaky faucets will waste water up to a significant amount. Not only the dripping will cause you headache and stress, but it will also increase your water bill. 

The most common reason behind a leaky faucet is that the washer inside has worn out, and you need to change it. Moreover, if your shower head is leaking, then most probably, the connection between the shower and pipe has loosened. Just make sure that it is not rusting, and you must prevent it from degrading. Don’t over tighten the connection; it will also cause a problem.

Mold And Mildew

If molds are forming in your bathroom, then it is a clear indication that your bathroom needs an upgrade. These molds and mildew not only look bizarre, but they also smell bad. If you have a leaky pipe, then water can get into your walls and ceiling and form mold and mildew.

It also indicates that you have a water leakage problem because water is getting into the walls. Molds can easily grow in such wet areas. Not only it has a bad odor, but it is also hazardous for you and your family.

Things Are Getting Rusty

Bathrooms have high humidity. Even if they have exhaust fans and windows, things can get a little humid. Faucet, showerhead, and other fixtures are usually made up of metal. So, when the humidity is high in the bathroom, these metal fixtures are vulnerable to rusting.

Humidity also grows molds faster, decreasing the lifespan of your bathroom. If you see pipes and faucets getting rusty coats, then you should know that it is time to upgrade your bathroom. Change old and rusty faucets with new ones and keep your bathroom healthy and shiny.

Loose Fixtures And Faucets

If you find something loose and worn out in your bathroom, tighten it to prevent any type of damage. If you cannot tighten the fixture, the reason behind it is that the connection of the fixture is rusted or worn out. You can fix this problem temporarily with the help of duct tape or any other material.

But make sure to upgrade that fixture if you want no further problem and want to increase the lifespan of your bathroom. Replace the connections as soon as you can or contact a professional plumber to do it for you.


Everyone should keep his/her bathroom up to date. A bad-smelling or old bathroom is never impressive. You need to upgrade your bathroom with time. Here are some signs that will notify you that you need to upgrade your bathroom. You may have leaky faucets and molds in your bathroom.

When things get rusty, and you have loose fixtures in your bathroom, you need to upgrade as soon as you can. If you cannot upgrade your bathroom on your own, call in professional plumbers to do it for you.