Plumbing is not a thing that we think often. Unless there is a problem, we ever intend to maintain or service the drain pipeline. For example, you are lying on your bed trying to sleep, and you hear a faucet dripping water. Most of us just ignore this thing and continue with our lives. What we don’t know is that dripping or leakage may turn into a more severe plumbing problem. Some signs relate to a plumbing issue, we should look at it as soon as we know about it. Leaving or ignoring the signs will result in a bad plumbing problem that will damage the pipeline or drain and cause you trouble as well. So, it is better to call in the professionals so they could resolve the problem. You can book a plumbing service in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia online.

There are some major and prominent signs that your house is building a plumbing problem. If not taken care of at that very instant, it may turn into a major problem. Some of the common signs that your house has a major problem are as follows.

Terrible And Disgusting Smell

If you can smell something bad and disgusting in your house and not see anything prominent, this smell might be coming from your pipeline or drain. There may be a major clog in your pipeline. Draining or dumping grease in the pipeline can develop clogs after years. The grease together with hair and food particles can create a clog, and when the water does not pass efficiently, this clog starts to rot. It results in a very bad smell and odor. There are two reasons for the bad smell in the pipeline, one is that the sewer line is seeping into the pipeline through the crack. Another reason for the smell is because there is trapped rodent in the pipeline. Contact a professional plumber in this case and mitigate the problem quickly.

Weak or Slow Water Flow

Slow water flow from the faucet or shower may indicate an issue of water distribution. However, there is not only one reason for the weak water flow. If only one faucet is causing this problem, then it is the problem in that particular faucet aerator. It can be fixed very easily. But if there is weak water flow from all the faucets and shower, then might be a big problem. It could be due to the main water supply, a water heater or a leak in the supply line. In this case, you should contact professional plumbers who can overlook the problem for you and resolve it.

Pipelines Are Showing Signs Of Discoloration

Most of the homeowner never intend to check the pipeline of their sink. There might be some signs of deteriorating or the pipeline that needs replacement. We should make a habit of inspecting the pipes below the sink for it stays maintained and work properly. If there is a copper pipe, and it has turned into green or white due to discoloration, then it indicates that the pipe is corroded and leaking slowly. But if the pipe is made up of galvanized steel and showing red patches, it means that it is rusting and might burst in the worst case.

Higher Water Bills

This is the most prominent sign of a leak that does not appear. Any hidden leak or dripping faucet will increase the water bill. If you experience a higher water bill than usual, then there must be a leak in the pipeline somewhere, or the toilet is continuously running water. A dripping faucet may also cause higher water bills.

Bubbles In Paint or Walls

If you see bubbles in your paint or walls, then it might be due to moisture. This moisture is caused by the leaking of the pipeline or a leaking ceiling. Make sure to check the airflow if your house is too humid. Try investing is a dehumidifier. Or in the worst case, if you see patches on the wall on a particular surface, call a plumber.


It is not easy to maintain a house. There are many hidden things that cause damage to your house, without being in your knowledge. One of the major problems a house can face is a plumbing issue. As easy as it may seem, it is not. There are some easy to solve plumbing issues but most of them are not. Some problems indicate signs but you ignore it, so it turns into a more severe problem. These signs may be a bad or rotten smell, slow water pressure, high water bills, pipe discoloration and many more. These are silent signs that indicate a plumbing issue. In case of these problems, contact a professional plumber like MrPlumber, and eradicate the issue as soon as possible.