About Us

Our Story

MrPlumber is a plumbing specialist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are comprised of a hardworking team with members that are experts in the industry, having years of experience and continuous training. We have helped hundreds of happy clients over the years for both small and big projects, making us a household name in the city.

Starting very small, we are rapidly growing as we earn the trust and confidence of our customers. Ours is an all-around team that can provide waterproofing and repair of toilet, water tank and roof. Our difference is providing personalized type of service that fits your needs. 

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Our Vision

Our goal at MrPlumber is to be the top plumbing company in the city trusted for our excellent performance and superior customer service following the highest industry standards. We want customers to feel that when they entrust a job to us, they will feel confident that they are in the right hands.

Our Mission

MrPlumber aims to provide top-notch plumbing service. For every task, we follow best practices and adhere to high standards. Our plumbers have the skills and experience to provide efficient solution to every problem. Apart from technical expertise, we take good care of people who trust our work by rendering superior customer support. It is a standard in our company to be prompt, reliable and trustworthy.

The moment you call us, our phone support will make sure to note down your needs and requests. With every job, we are particular in providing personalized level of service. When we leave your property, we follow “leave-no-trace” rule, which means we will keep the area neat and clean. Our after service is also first-rate, for we will call you to follow up how things are after the job.  

Our Team

We are proud of our dedicated team known for integrity apart from our expertise in the plumbing industry. Our members will make sure that you have a pleasant working experience from the time you call us until we leave your property. This dedication sets us apart, aside from us working truly as a team, helping one another to provide the customers the most effective service. Here’s a sneak peak of our team in action:

Mr Plumber Team