Locations that We Provide Plumbing Services

Looking for plumber near your location? You have come to the right place. MrPlumber is a local plumbing service in Malaysia. We work for residential and commercial customers throughout the country, so wherever you are, we can assist you right away. Many plumbing problems require professional help, and that is where we will come in.

You do not have to do things on your own. Allow our expert plumbers to take care of the issue you have, for things not to worsen but be resolved in no time.

Our extensive experience and vast knowledge in the industry make us equipped to resolve your plumbing needs.

Check out the list below to view our latest area coverage.

Types of Plumbing Service We Provides

We are happy to provide high quality plumbing services you need at affordable price. Our plumbers aim to take the stress out from you and let you resume your day in no time. We offer the following services for you.

Roof Repair

Our roof repair service protects you and your property by making sure there are no cracks or leaks that can lead to worse problems overtime. No matter what type of roof you have, we can fix it. We do our best to respond immediately especially for emergency assistance. Click here to contact our roof contactor today!

Waterproofing Repair

We specialize in waterproofing bathrooms and roofs. Our team is knowledgeable in various techniques that make our work effective. With us, you can be sure that water does not penetrate other areas of your property. Our waterproofing techniques are among the best in the country. Click here to get in touch with our waterproofing contractor today!

Water Tank Repair

Whether you need repair or replacement of water tank, we can help you. Our team is skilled in fixing or refurbishing water tanks of all size and type. We are here to make sure you have clean water for various applications and that no water is wasted because of leaks. You can now book a water tank repair service today!

Toilet Repair

Our experts are ready to provide the service you need and bring back the convenience of having a clean bathroom and fully functional toilet. We can clean drains thoroughly, remove toilet clogs, fix running toilets or replace it entirely. We inspect the problem carefully to know the root of the problem and recommend the best long-term solution. Click here to book a toilet repair service today!

Why Choose Us?


MrPlumber has the experience and training required to resolve plumbing problems expertly. Our goal is for our customers to be satisfied so we do our job right the first time. We have successfully solved an array of plumbing problems but we still take every opportunity to learn about new techniques because the industry continues to evolve.



We believe that it is not enough that we are skilled in our job. It is equally important for us to remain dedicated in serving customers. This is why we are punctual, honest and reliable. We always work with our customers’ needs in mind, directing us to perform better at all times.

Affordable Services

In MrPlumber, all of our services are affordable. We want to keep our prices in a range that will help home owners in Malaysia to have high-quality services.

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