If you are looking to buy a house in Malaysia, then there are many plumbing factors that you need to check. If plumbing work is not done correctly or it is leaking, then it will be difficult for you to live in the house, and it will cause many problems. One of the biggest problems of a plumbing issue is that it gets inside your walls and causes the paint to come off. It decreases the lifespan of the house and creates a dirty mess. So, it is important to check for plumbing issues before buying or moving into a new house.

If you want to have an inspection of a house for plumbing problems, then contact MrPlumber. We have a team of trusted and reliable plumbers in KL,Malaysia. Our professional staff can survey the house and make a report for you giving a final verdict about the plumbing condition of the house. So, if you are checking on your own, then you need to see a few important things, and we are going to list them. Otherwise, it can cause you a major problem that will require treatments from professionals.

Plumbing Checklist Home Buyer

Check Bathroom Flush

Every toilet in the house should be flushed. You need to check if the toilet is flushing properly. By this, you can identify if the flush is weak or not. If a toilet stays running or makes a gurgling sound, you need to get it checked.

Check Shower Rooms

After checking the toilet, try to check the shower and faucets in the bathrooms. The aim is not only to check if all the faucets and showers are working properly but also if the drainage system is properly working. Also, check if the pressure of the water is appropriate. If the water pressure is low, you can know that there is a clog in the pipe that is causing the pressure to reduce.

Check Water Heater

You need to check the water heater area as well. Check the area around the water heater and inspect it by looking for corrosion and rust buildup. Ask the homeowner about it; when it was bought, and when it was properly serviced. Ask the owner to provide you with a replacement guarantee for a year in case something happens.

Inspect Main Sewer Line

This is a checkup that you cannot perform. You need a professional plumber to check the main sewer. There is a proper camera inspection in which the plumber inserts the camera in the main sewer and checks for any clogs. This inspection will tell you about the overall condition of the line. If your main sewer line is in the worst condition, then it is an indication of a hidden cost to clear the line.

Look For Big Pipes

If you ever faced the problem of low water pressure, then you must know how irritating this problem is. It is an undesirable condition that you never want to come across. To check the water pressure, you should check the size of the pipe from the water source to the house. For good water pressure, the pipe should be a minimum of ¾ inches. It generates decent water pressure allowing you to enjoy taking shower or cleaning the dishes.

Check Basement

The basement or the land under the house account for most of the leakage and plumbing problems. Make sure to properly check the basement and the areas around it for any water or pipe leakage or an already repaired pipe. This will give you an idea about the overall plumbing and piping conditions of the house.

Check For Lead Pipes

This is one of the severe issues. It is found in many homes and may cause you or your children’s health issues. It is important to check for lead pipes. If any house has this problem, never go for it, no matter how beautiful or appealing or cheap it is. You can not risk the safety of your family. Unless you plan on replacing the entire plumbing system, you should never move to a house that has lead pipes.


Before buying a house, it is important to check if it has the best plumbing system or not. There are some things that you can check for yourself but for a detailed plumbing checkup, it is better to call in the professionals. They will guide you in every way and indicate all the possible plumbing problems a house can have. They generate a proper report that concludes if the house has a good plumbing system and everything is fine, or they can warn you about the condition of the house. So, it will be easy for you to make a decision.