If you want to solve your own house’s plumbing problem, then it might not be a good option. Cleaning small clogs and replacing pipes is sure easy but some severe problems can lead to more serious problems if professionals are not called upon. But you can take care of the minor problems with the help of appropriate tools and equipment. You can call a plumber if you are stuck in any plumbing problem.

There are some useful tips on how you can repair and solve some plumbing problems. It is a good routine to call professionals in case of any plumbing issue, but smalls clogs and blockage can be fixed without calling the professionals. So, here are some tips that can come in handy in case of small faults and plumbing issues.

Four Home Plumbing Tips in Malaysia

Remove Clog Without Using Drain Cleaner Chemical

If your drain is clogged and the water is not passing as it should be, you need to remove the clog and clear the pipeline. Don’t waste your money on an expensive drain cleaning chemicals. They may seem helpful and easy to use but in the long run, is very dangerous in many ways. The excess use of these chemicals can damage the pipes and may cause a leak. Besides damaging the pipe, these chemical cleaner releases toxic fumes that are injurious to health and cause a problem in breathing. The easiest way is to use a drain snake. Just insert the snake in the drain and pull it out, it will drag out the material causing a clog.

Resolve Issues Of A Showerhead

Dripping water or low pressure of water can be a frustrating problem. If the showerhead is leaking, the most common solution is to use thread tape. It can instantly resolve the water dripping issue. The leak happens in case the thread is not tightened properly. If you are receiving low pressure from the showerhead, then it means that it is clogged. You can remove the showerhead, look for any mineral deposit, clean and rinse it properly and dry it properly. By soaking the showerhead in a bowl of warm water mixed with vinegar will allow all the mineral deposits to clean.

Use Water Heater With Appropriate Guide

It is important to use a water heater most efficiently. Make sure that the thermostat of the water heater is not too high. You should set the temperature that is appropriate and still have some amount left in the tank. Another important thing is to insulate the water heater properly, this will allow the hot water to stay hot for a long time. The pipeline of the water heater may collect sediments. You need to clear or get rid of these sediments. You can drain out the water (a quarter of the tank), every three months. The sediments that have settled at the bottom will be removed by it and will allow the water heater to run efficiently.

How To Lose Over-Tighten Water Pipelines

The pipes under the sink or the shower pipeline sometimes are impossible to open. It is tightened so much that even after with all the efforts, we are unable to loosen it. These tight-fitting can be a problem sometimes. DIYers or homeowner use wrench and their sole power to lose the pipe but are unsuccessful in doing so. There is a simple trick or you may take it as a tip, by applying a little heat on the pipe it will loosen up. Propane lighter will help do so. Before heating the pipe some precautions should be taken. Make sure to use heat-resistant material to protect walls from the heat. Make sure that the pipe you are heating is a metal pipe, never heat plastic or near to a gas pipe. This tip applies to only metal pipes.

Further, you can also hit the pipe with a little force to break the rust deposition. Then you will be able to lose the pipe easily.


Plumbing is a basic thing that every homeowner should know. It is not efficient to call the professional plumbers for every plumbing issue. You should be able to take care of some small or minor plumbing issues. Some of the tips that you should know are how to remove a clog without use drain cleaning chemicals, how to loosen a tight pipe,  how you efficiently use a heater, and how you can take care of a showerhead. These are some basic plumbing repair tips that everyone should know.