Plumbing is one of the most important and essential works that a home requires. If not performed correctly, it can lead to many problems. One of the most irritating problems of bad plumbing is the stinky smell. Sometimes it is not that bad, but sometimes it can smell really bad. There are many reasons due to which there may be a stinky smell in your pipelines or washrooms. Once this smell is evident and prominent, you should find the reason behind it. If not, contact a professional plumber in KL and ask for help. There are many reasons for stinky plumbing problems, out of which four are very common. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Clogged Drain

Clogs can build up in your pipes over time. There are many things that you dispose of into your sinks, such as soap, oil, grease, detergents, and many more. These can result in clogging your drain. When all these things trap inside the drain and mix with water, it creates a very bad odor. Also, sometimes clogging is due to food particles and minerals in the drain. These particles stick to the sides of the pipes, and over time more and more particles stick in the drain, allowing to form a clog. Once a clog is formed, it is nearly impossible for the water to pass through, resulting in a foul smell. It is better to contact a professional plumber in such a case.

P-Trap Problem

P-trap problems or dry pipes are one of the most common reasons behind a foul or bad smell. It is a p or u-shaped pipe beneath your sink, toilet, or shower that is directly connected to the sewage pipeline. These p-shapes or designed to hold water in them. It acts as a barrier and prevents the foul smell from the sewage to come to your homes. Sometimes, if the sink or toilet is not used frequently, these p-shaped pipes can dry up, causing the sewage smell to reach your house. This problem has an easy solution. Pour some water in the pipeline regularly so that the stored water in the p-shaped pipe does not dry out. Or make sure to use the sinks and toilets frequently in order to fix this problem.

Water Heater Problems

Water heaters are a commonplace where bacteria can easily form. These water heaters can also build up moisture. With the development of bacteria under the dark and moist environment can lead to a bad smell. Another reason due to which water heaters can smell bad is that sometimes water has more sulfur content than regular. This excess sulfur in the water mixes with the metal component of the water heater and generates a bad odor. This metal and sulfur odor is more evident than bacteria smell. It is not possible for us to check and repair such problems. It is better to call in professional plumbers to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Common Plumbing Problems

If your house is having plumbing problems, do not try to resolve them. We, as house owners, are not professional and can make mistakes that could result in breaking or leaking the pipes. Some common plumbing problems involve traps, missing vents, and leakage. These all can result in creating a bad smell in your kitchen or washroom. There could be reasons that your ventilation system is having problems. However, these problems can also be caused by an amateur plumber. Make sure to contact reliable and professional plumbers to perform your plumbing works. Otherwise, bad smell and more major problems can cause you a lot of frustration


There are many reasons that plumbing problems can lead to foul or bad smell. There can be a leakage in the sewer line or drain, no proper ventilation, and many more. Some of the common reasons for stinky problems in your home can be due to clogged drains. A clog can be formed in months or even years and result in bad smell. Dry pipes and water heaters can also lead to stinky problems in some cases. However, besides these major problems, there are some basic and common plumbing mistakes that can result in creating a bad smell in your house. The solution to all the stinky plumbing problems is to contact a professional plumber. They know everything about plumbing and can eradicate the problem in no time.