The garage floor drain is a very underrated and underappreciated drain. It handles all types of garbage abuse, but most people do not pay much attention to it until it is blocked. With massive garbage and other liquid disposals, it is expected to clog. A garage floor drain experiences outside garbage, animal hair, engine oil, appliance run-off, and many other things. It is not a special drain that will drain all the things you put in. It is just like any other house drain can be clogged due to an excessive amount of garbage and disposals.

When your garage floor drain is clogged, it is not only a safety risk, but it can harm you and your house in many ways. If the drain is clogged for a long time, then there is a risk for pest infestation that can lead to any kind of misfortune. So, you will need to clear or unclog your garage floor drain at the shortest convenience.

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Reasons For A Clogged Garage Floor Drain

There can be many reasons behind a clogged garage floor drain. The first thing you need to detect is the cause of clog and block. If you can find out the reason behind the clogging of the garage floor drain, then it will be easier for you to solve it and make it run smoothly again. These reasons can be:

Frozen Drain Pipe

Most people experience this clog in winters. A clog can form due to ice in the pipe. If you want to prevent frozen pipes, you will need to insulate the pipe. Insulation mitigates any ice formation in the drain pipe. Insulating and excavating the pipe is crucial because frequent freezing can cause the pipe to burst and leak. It not only disturbs your drain but also gives birth to new dirt and debris.

Blocked Sewer Line

If your main sewer line is blocked, then you will experience overflow from the drains. In most cases, the drain is a garage floor drain. So, one reason for the overflowing garage floor drain can be blocked sewer lines.

Pipe Crystallization

Effective liquids like soap, sugary liquids, oil, grease, and urine leave sediment when they travel down the pipe. With time, the sediment builds up and forms a clog. This clog is in the form of a crystallized matter.

How To Unclog Garage Floor Drain?

Grate Removal

The first step is to remove the grate. There are many types of grates. Some have screws, while some can be removed easily. You may need to unscrew the grate from the floor using the proper tools before removing it manually with hands.

Remove Debris

As garage floor drains are outside your home, there is a higher chance of the drain to accumulate more junk and garbage than any other drain in the house. You will need a shovel or trowel to clear out the drain as much as you can. You can wear rubber gloves to avoid contact with any dirt and poisonous debris that can cause harm to your health and body.

Pour Hot Water In The Drain

After clearing the opening with a shovel or trowel, take a tub of hot water and pour it down the drain. Make sure the water is hot and not boiling. Boiling water can damage your pipeline and drain; it may cause leaks in your drain. Hot water will dissolve any debris and residues that are stuck to the wall and clear with the flow of water. It is advised not to use chemical drain cleaners as they can shorten the life of your drain and may cause an additional build-up of clog.

Clean Any Blockage With Hand

By the use of hot water, most of your debris and residues are cleared. But if you still see some sludge of any kind, it is better that you remove it by hand. Typically, it is not required in many cases, as the hot water clears all the blockage. But to be on a safe side, it is better to make sure the drain is clean. If there is any sludge, you can clean it, and you are good to go.


A garage floor drain is not like any other drain as it faces more garbage and debris. It includes animal hairs, engine oil, grease, and many more liquid disposals. You must keep your garage floor drain clean and clear. In case of a clog formation in the drain, you can follow the discussed steps to clear it. It involves grate and debris removal and pouring of hot water to clear the line. You can also use salt or vinegar to clear the line. In the end, finish the process after checking the sludge in the drain. If there is any, remove it with your hands. If you cannot do it, you can hire and call in professional plumbers to clear off your garage floor drain.