A water leak is probably the biggest source of water wastage in Shah Alam. This can be attributed to the leaks that go undetected for we don’t know how long until we experience the inconvenience they cause.

However, a few of these can be easily spotted and a few can show signs before they get worse. For water leaking issues, hiring a plumber from Shah Alam with years of plumbing experience.

Below are the 7 most common leaks in a Shah Alam home that you’re probably experiencing right now. 

plumber fixing shower leaks

Bath or Shower Leaks

A leaking bath can be because of a damaged or defective seal, and a faulty washer for a leaking shower. Having this type of leak at home can be a cause of inconvenience as your shower’s floor can get damp, grow molds, and even cause slip accidents.

Water leaks in the shower may be obvious once you see drips of water coming from it but could be serious especially if signs are not immediately spotted. Sometimes, the damage may originally come from faulty fixture drains or right from the water supply plumbing in the wall, which you will not notice unless the issue has worsened.

Tap or Faucet Leaks

A tap or faucet leak could be the most obvious leak you can have at home. Although not a major cause of concern, a leaking tap or faucet can cause you an extra penny in the water bill, and in worst cases, can cause damage around the kitchen when left unfixed. Things around it, when consistently damp, can grow mold, and cause damage.

The water may also pool around the countertop, drip down the floor, and cause slip accidents.

Toilet Leaks

Toilet Leaks

A toilet leak can happen when the flapper is out of position. When this happens, the water from the tank gets into the bowl, causing the leak.

There could be other reasons too as to why your toilet is leaking. An internal leak, for example, may occur but you may not notice it until you see your water bill getting more expensive than usual. This type of leak happens when the water from the toilet is drained into the sewer, and you won’t ever see it.

Sink Pipes Leaks

Your sink pipes could have loosened or could have been damaged because of long-term use, or other factors. Check whether your sink pipes are too old to have holes, left untight, or improperly installed.

Your sink pipes may leak but it may not be really obvious. It is advisable to check what’s beneath your kitchen sink to save yourself from the inconvenience it may cause. Here’s a post on how different pipes in Shah Alam can leak.

Garbage Disposal Leaks

A garbage disposal may leak from the top if there’s a problem with the flange. Resealing and tightening it can easily solve the problem. But when it gets smelly and moldy, you’re probably wondering what’s wrong. This happens when something accumulates down your garbage disposal or it’s just old. Replacing it can be a better option.

The impeller blades of a garbage disposal can also get jammed up causing the drain fittings to loosen and cause leaks.

Hot Water System Leaks

Your hot water system may leak due to corrosion of pipes which can be probably because of long-term use, environmental factors, or simple wear and tear.

In other cases, there can be a problem with the valve especially if it gets blocked. Although this can be fixed (if the blockage is really the cause), replacing the valve is your best option.

Washing Machine Hose Leaks

Your washing machine hose can be leaking for several reasons. This can be because of the damaged pipes embedded in the walls, which you will not probably notice, except for the unexplained water damage on walls.

The water hose connection between the washer and the wall may also get disconnected and cause a leak as the hose might loosen due to constant vibration coming from the machine. Tightening the hose can easily solve the problem.

Final Thoughts

Water leaks can happen from time to time, but some of it may remain unnoticed and untreated. Knowing what might occur inside your home can help you prepare or practice preventive measures. If you suspect a major water leak, it is best to call for an expert and get your home checked.