Don’t feel depressed in the dumps if your toilet has stopped flushing! MrPlumber has been fixing toilets for decades, so we understand what to do when you have a problem with your toilet.

Continue reading to find out our top four main reasons why your toilet would not flush and what you can do to easily take care of it.

By the way, you can now hire a licensed plumber based in KL to assist you.

Before you conduct out any work:
Make certain you disconnect your toilet’s water source without turning off your entire mains, which is simple to carry out if you have a high-pressure isolation shutoff fit in.

To shut off the valve, just turn the lever of the valve a quarter spin using a flat-headed screwdriver to disconnect your toilet. Don’t forget to turn the valve back on once again when the work is finished.

1.Water levels are way too low in the bathroom cistern

Did you realize that whenever you flush your toilet, you’re in fact discharging water directly from the cistern into the toilet bowl? This surge of water, in combination together with the siphon, is what produces the suction required to flush the toilet bowl. This is exactly why pouring a pail of water down the toilet bowl will make it flush.

Whenever there isn’t sufficient water within the cistern, you’ll probably get an inadequate flush or perhaps your toilet might just not flush at all. We frequently identify that an inadequate amount of water is one related to the most common problem that leads to an inadequate quantity of water to dispose of waste.

To deal with this, ensure that the cistern water level is about one inch lower than the tank’s spillover pipe. Assuming that it’s not, you’ll need to have to personally readjust the fill valve to modify the level of the water.

Using the screw to tighten in relation to the ball control device will change the elevation of the float pole and ball. Spinning this screw anti-clockwise will raise the water quantity.

2. The flapper is broken

The appropriately named flapper is located at the lowest part of the toilet and ‘covers’ open up to discharge water out of the cistern whenever the toilet is flushed.
When it comes to traditional-style toilets this might perhaps be rubber and connected to a metallic chain, whilst in siphon toilets, this particular is a round piece of plastic positioned within the siphon in itself.
In the event that the flapper is broken, it will not allow the toilet to store water inside the cistern, stopping the cistern from discharging the amount of water required to produce a flush.
Whenever this happens, the most effective thing to carry out is to change a broken flapper, since they are cheap and simple to change. Don’t forget to bring your broken flapper along with you to your neighborhood plumbing materials vendor thus you can certainly be sure you are given the right size flapper for your toilet. If you need help urgently to fix your toilet, it is best to look for a toilet plumbing service in your location.

3. The toilet is clogged

In the event that you discover that your toilet has a weak flush and the water levels in the bowl are a lot higher than normal, you probably encounter an obstruction.
This can easily be brought about by a variety of factors, consisting of flushing far too much toilet paper at one time and purging unacceptable items for instance, sanitary products, baby wipes or nappies which will all cause an obstructed toilet.

The simplest and least expensive way to deal with a clog is to make use of a plunger. In the majority of cases, this will overcome the problem. Nonetheless, the main concern with utilizing a plunger is that it might force your obstruction even further up the plumbing.

In the event that this is the situation, you may really want to think about snaking the toilet using a toilet tool which you can buy for as slightly more than RM20. These types of devices are very similar to basic drain snakes but are particularly fashioned to avoid scraping the ceramic of your toilet.

4. Clogged Inlet Holes

Assuming that you look right into your toilet bowl, you’ll observe that whenever you flush it, water comes out of holes located all across the top edge of the bowl. If you have hard water (that is typical in your area) after some time, they can end up being clogged by the water’s mineral deposits. In the event that you flush the toilet and note that the water entering is very slow, you’ll need to unblock them.

To unclog your inlet holes:

  • Turn off the water source to your toilet
  • Flush the toilet to drain the cistern
  • Open up the fill valve and apply Lime-A-Way or very hot white vinegar
  • Do not let anybody utilize the toilet for a couple of hours while at the same time the cleaner liquefies the mineral accumulation inside the toilet
  • Turn the water supply back on and then flush the toilet to inspect if the water appearing from the inlets is back to normal
  • In case the water flow is still reduced than it ought to be, use thin equipment or wire hanger to get rid of the accumulation from the holes

Wrapping It Up

If all effort fails, MrPlumber is on hand to offer emergency plumbing services throughout Malaysia. We give 24/7 plumbing assistance, in which our experienced technicians use the most current sophisticated clearing tools to eliminate obstructions effectively and offer a long-lasting solution. To find out more about our professional services, get in touch with our expert plumbing technicians at MrPlumber.