There can be a lot of reasons to call the plumber for your house. Many people don’t know how to fix simple plumbing problems. At least, we should be able to solve minor plumbing problems by ourselves. However, people are not professional and may make mistakes while fixing their plumbing problems.

There are plumbing services available that will resolve any of your issues. Here are some mistakes that will make you call the plumber to resolve the issue.

Putting Trash in Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is perfect for little yet soft garbage. People put in all the trash in their garbage disposal like potato peel, pumpkin carvings, and watermelon rinds. These things do not belong to the garbage disposal. They can stop the working of the blade of the garbage disposal. Make sure to put in the trash that belongs in the garbage disposal. Otherwise, you will need to call a plumber in KL to solve this problem if you live this location.

Applying Too Much Pressure On Faucet

When a faucet is leaking or dripping water, people crank it hard to stop the leak. But what they don’t know is that pulling the faucet handle will not stop the leak, and it will only make it worse. Pushing too hard can either break the faucet handle or increase the leak.  

Putting Weight On Fixtures

It is advised not to put weights on plumbing fixtures. People usually put shampoo and other utilities on the rack hanging on the showerhead. It can cause the showerhead to pull off. It is not a good idea to put a heavyweight on the plumbing fixtures, as it can snap that particular plumbing fixture. Therefore, it will result in a bigger problem.

Not Using Proper Connector

If you are joining plumbing pipes, then definitely you need to couple the pipes properly with the steel or metal connectors. Without coupling, these steel and metal connectors will corrode quickly. The corrosion is known as dielectric corrosion, and its build-up can clog the pipe. So, you need to use a proper dielectric union to connect two different metal connectors. It simply separates two metals with the help of a rubber washer.

Flushing Household Items In The Toilet

It is one of the common mistakes that make the house owners call in the plumber. Flushing household items in the toilet like toys, keys, and similar things can clog your drain. A toy is the most common item as kids flush their toys down the drain. In some cases, plunging can increase the difficulty as it pushes the toy into the pipeline. Sometimes, the toilet needs to be removed to retrieve the toy. You can also learn how to unclog your toilet without the help of a plumber.

Using Drain Cleaner Too much

Drain cleaners are a lifesaver for people who know how to use it in the proper amount to clear the clog and keep the drain clean. Excessive use of drain cleaner can corrode materials in the drain, and sometimes it damages the pipes. The excessive use of drain cleaner also makes it difficult for the plumber to clear the clog.

Dumping Joint Or Cement Down The Drain

If there is a small construction problem in the house, people tend to solve it by themselves, which is good. Filling holes in the wall or repairing cracks in the walls is a common task that most people do. After finishing the work, the joint mixture of cement that is left is mostly dumped down the drain. These materials can cause the sink or drain to back up, as it hardens with time and can make an extreme clog in your drain. These things are not going to get out without the help of a professional plumber.

Pouring Grease Down The Kitchen Drain

Many people have a habit of pouring all the materials in the kitchen drain, even grease. The grease slowly builds up a clog in the drain. It can also corrode the material of the pipe and might cause a leak. It may not seem dangerous, but it is. You will have to call in the plumber to fix this issue.

Tightening The Pipe Too Much

If you are fixing a water pipe or drain pipe with the help of a plier, then make sure to take proper safety measures. People use big size bolts and screws to fit the pipe permanently. However, if you tighten the pipe excessively or with power, you can break the pipe, and it can result in breakage or leakage.

Forgetting To Reassemble

It is a good thing if you try to fix your plumbing issues by yourself. However, you should know how to put all the pieces back together. Dismantling and reassembling should be done correctly. If you forget how to assemble the pipe of any plumbing fixture, then it can be a problem. You will need to call in a professional plumber to fix it.

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There are many mistakes that we mostly make in our house while fixing a plumbing problem. These can be pouring grease down the drain, flushing household items in the toilet, the excessive use of drain cleaner, etc. We have discussed ten mistakes that you can avoid if you want to save money.