There are many causes of low water pressure in your Puchong home. Some people think that there is a problem with the pipes, but most often it’s because the pipes are too small for the amount of flow they need to accommodate. If you’ve been experiencing any problems with your plumbing system, or have noticed odd sounds coming from your supply line or fittings, then this article will help you find out what might be causing it and how to fix it!


If you have been experiencing regular problems with water pressure in your Puchong home, then it could be due to corrosion. Corrosion occurs when minerals and rust build up on the piping system, which causes friction and thus decreases water flow.

One thing that can cause this type of problem is the presence of free chlorine in the water supply, so if the water pressure problems only occur at certain times of the day and aren’t present all the time, then it’s a good idea to check with your local plumber from Puchong.

Insufficient Water Pressure

This is the most common problem for those with low water pressure. The main reason you may be experiencing insufficient water pressure is because your pipes are too small to handle the amount of flow they need to accommodate, or there’s a source of friction somewhere in the line that needs to be resolved.

Pipes Are Too Small

If your water pressure is low but all of your plumbing fixtures are functioning normally, then the first thing you should do is check the size of your supply line. To find out how big it needs to be you’ll need to take some measurements. Find a point halfway between your supply source (such as a hot water heater or shut-off valve) and your furthest fixture.

Measure this distance along the route of your supply line, not including any elbows or fittings. Take these measurements for all of the fixtures that are connected to that supply line. Once you have all of the distances recorded, add them together to get a total length in feet (add only whole feet). Now divide the total by 12 to obtain the feet per minute that you should be getting. Finally, compare this number with your measurements to find out how big your supply lines need to be.

Friction in Line Due to Sudden Changes

Another cause for low water pressure could be due to friction in the line due to sudden changes in direction. Friction occurs when dirty or worn pipes rub against each other, so this type of friction should be fixed before any permanent damage is done to the piping system.

Clogged Or Obstructed Flow

Another common reason for low water pressure is due to clogs in your plumbing system. These clogs could be anything from soaps and shampoos built up in your fixtures to even talcum powder or caked-on minerals from the water. If you do find a clog then it’s best to contact a professional, as this could present an immediate threat to your home’s structure

if not dealt with in a timely fashion. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you keep your plumbing fixtures and pipes clean by regularly flushing them out with water.

Other Potential Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Puchong Home

Other potential causes of low water pressure can include: A significant change in elevation along the route of the supply line or a very long distance from your supply source to the furthest fixture. Reducing friction in lines by wrapping them with plastic sheathing.

A significant increase in consumption due to high turnover and amount of fixtures being used, which can cause heat as well as water pressure loss. High temperatures at either end of your Puchong home’s piping system.


In conclusion,low water pressure is a common problem that affects most people at some point in their lives. Fortunately, there are many ways to fix it. If you follow the guidelines listed above then you should have no trouble finding and correcting the cause of your water pressure issues!