The toilet is arguably one of the most important fixtures in your home.

It makes sense to take care of it and maintain it properly, but there are many misconceptions about what actually constitutes good toilet maintenance.

In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about proper toilet maintenance provided by Mr.Plumber so that you never have an issue with a clogged or dirty toilet again!

Don’t Throw Garbage In Your Toilet 

The first and foremost thing you must never do for proper toilet maintenance is to recklessly throw garbage in your toilet.

Garbage can be anything from cigarette butts, food wrappers, or spilled drinks to feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, and tampons which are the worst offenders of all.

Anything that is not water-soluble will eventually accumulate inside your tank as a hard rock-like mass and clog up the entire plumbing system if it’s flushed down there; so never throw any trash into your toilet bowl!

You may think that because you have a low flow rate going through your toilet then throwing some disposable wipes won’t do much damage either, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

These types of wipes don’t dissolve as normal bathroom tissue does, so they’ll easily get stuck on rough surfaces within your pipes before quickly accumulating into a big mass.

The best thing to do with these types of disposable wipes is to throw them in the garbage or wrap it up and place it inside your bin for disposal on trash day.

Failing to do this will lead to all sorts of problems such as clogging, which is not only a huge annoyance to handle but can also be costly!

Check Your Toilet For Possible Leaks 

Not everyone is aware of this, but your toilet can leak from time to time, especially if the sealant that’s used on its base is starting to wear off.

If you suspect a leak coming from your toilet, then it would be wise to check this for yourself and either call in a professional or do some research on how to fix such leaks (if possible).

In most cases, these types of leaks are easy enough to repair without needing any assistance, but they’re often ignored until things become too serious, which can lead to much more costly repairs than necessary!

What exactly should you look out for when checking for potential leakage? Well, several indicators may give away what could potentially be wrong with your toilet; namely water spots around the base of the bowl, foul smells, and pools of water in the bathroom.

If you have any concerns about a leak, then it’s best to get them looked at sooner rather than later, but keep an eye out for these signs just in case!

Regularly Clean Your Toilet and Drain 

When doing toilet maintenance, you must never forget to regularly clean your toilet and drain.

You should be cleaning these areas with a natural, unscented cleaner every week at the very least so that they don’t get too dirty or clogged up in any way possible.

A buildup of dirt is one of the most common causes of clogs, but it can also contribute to the growth of bacteria that may lead to other problems if left unattended.

Make sure you give your toilet and drain a thorough cleaning at least once per week because it will help them last longer!

Ensure Fill Valve of Toilet Is Working Well 

The fill valve of the toilet is one of those components that often gets overlooked when doing proper maintenance, but it’s very important to make sure this is working properly and functioning as intended.

If you’re not sure what a fill valve does, then let us explain: the water in your tank should be replenished by means of a small electric pump, which will suck up more water from your household plumbing system for use inside your toilet tank.

The problem occurs if this doesn’t happen due to an issue with the mechanism or its wiring; either way, there’ll need to be repairs done on this component before any other work can commence!

This may seem like something minor at first, but neglecting these types of problems could lead to bigger plumbing problems, so be sure to be on the look0out for it!

Call In a Professional Plumber For Help 

The most important part of proper toilet maintenance is the regular scheduling of a professional plumber.

This is the only way to know for sure that your toilet will be cleaned out from time to time, and it’ll also help you create one-on-one relationships with professionals so that they can come in at any time should there ever be issues or repairs needed!

Keep In Mind

Proper toilet maintenance is an important part of life.

It’s something that most people put off doing, and it can result in some pretty gross consequences if not done correctly.

We hope this post has been helpful to you as a resource for your personal or professional self-care routine.

If you have any questions about what we covered or other plumbing issues, please reach out to us!