A water tank is very important for storing water, especially if you’re living in an area where the water supply is not regular or sufficient.

If you’re a homeowner with a water tank system in Shah Alam, you’re probably thinking about how you’ll keep it for long just like how your neighbor did. Well, water tanks usually last for 20 years, but some you won’t believe are actually already a hundred years old. You might be wondering what brand could it be, or how different it is from your water tank. The difference? Well, it’s proper maintenance.

The way a water tank is installed has also something to do with a water tank that has stood there for several years. Make sure that your tank liners are installed properly, and that repairs are immediately addressed when needed. 

Aside from proper installation and regular repairs, there are some tips you can employ to keep your water tank durable. Below are four important tips you can do

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Conduct Regular Checks

A regular check is necessary, and is perhaps, of paramount importance of all the tips in this list. If possible, conduct foundation checks every week. To store a large amount of water, water tanks are intentionally built to last. However, natural extreme environment occurrences are unavoidable that may harm your tank, that includes, a sudden change in temperature, destructive gusty winds, and the usual wear and tear caused by other elements found in the environment. These may cause small cracks and corrosion to your tank, and that’s where regular checks come in handy. You can spot issues early that needs to addressed early on. When these small but important issues are noticed early, expensive maintenance costs can be avoided. 

Weekly checks are helpful, but having your water tank fully inspected at least every three or five years is a good idea. This maintenance routine can help your water tank to last long. Have it fully inspected and cleaned out. In fact, it is also recommended that those living in areas with high sediment should do a clean out every year. This also makes a great timing for adding new water tank liners, in case yours is degrading already.

Remember that location and weather greatly contributes to your water tank’s health, so it’s a good idea to check what maintenance you’ll be needing every now and then.

Take Care of the Coating

You may have not realized it, but a top-quality coating contributes to a durable water tank. In fact, it also helps in reducing or avoiding altogether expensive maintenance costs that you’ll likely spend in the next years. As with other things made of metal or similar elements, the coating primarily acts as protection against corrosion. Take note that water tanks are likely to develop rust most especially because of environmental factors. In choosing a coating, always lookout for the one with the best quality as it can help avoid metal loss. A metal loss will likely cost you a penny for needing expensive welding repairs.

Once you maintain your tank’s good coating, you can just simply apply a topcoat every year. Doing this is actually wiser and practical compared to applying a full coat every year. Of course, don’t simply apply a coating to your water tank just like how you apply a coating to your room. A few, but important factors are important to be considered, especially if you are contracting somebody for the coating work. The atmospheric conditions in Shah Alam, for example, should be taken into consideration as these can have a direct effect on the durability of the coat. So, be careful when choosing a contractor.

Be Updated on New Advances in Water Tank Technology

Though not a regular maintenance check, it is still helpful to be updated on the latest trends in water tank technology. It’s not as fancy as you think, just like how Apple releases a new iPhone every year. Innovations in the field of storage maintenance are made each year just like a 100% solid coating, which of course, will mostly attract your attention that you would likely think of applying to your water tank, too.

Eliminate Algae

The last but surely not the least of the four tips in this article is to eliminate algae. Though not pretty common, water tanks will likely develop algae—unless you have a transparent water tank—it’s not bad to check yours for the possibility of one. Algae develop through photosynthesis, meaning it requires sunlight to grow. If you happen to have a transparent water tank, algae are likely possible. But, don’t worry if you are keeping an opaque one, algae won’t likely grow as the absence of light prohibits their growth.

If algae are unavoidable, the use of bleach or chlorine can help in killing and even preventing the growth of algae. Although safe for drinking if used in small amounts, it is still best to avoid these chemicals if you are using water tanks meant for storing potable water.

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Final Thoughts

These four tips, when applied, can help you maintain your water storage tank. Remember that regular and proper maintenance makes a big difference and helps in avoiding expensive repairs in the future.