Since plumbing was first created, piping materials and products have been considered a vital factor. During the early times of plumbing in the old century, clay and lead piping were utilized to transport water to public buildings and homes. However, as humankind evolved, so did our piping structures and materials. Today, there are many kinds of plumbing pipes that your local plumbing service provider in Shah Alam can install. A variety of range is available, some are the old classics, and some are made from newer materials. Among the latest things invented are flexible plumbing hoses, and they have changed humankind’s life ever since.

You may have many questions in mind about flexible plumbing hoses and the uses of this material. Luckily, we have taken the time to create this guide to help you. Want to learn more? Read on below!

What Is a Flexible Plumbing Hose?

A flexible plumbing hose (AKA a braided hose or a flex line) is usually placed under the sink of your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry. These hoses are pipes crafted from rubber that are shielded off with stainless steel.

They can be easily mounted since the hose can be shaped or bent to fit under your sink correctly; thus, it has presented its name ‘Flexible.’ Flexible plumbing hose are pretty cheap to source, and you’ll be able to find them in many plumbing hardware stores.

Flexible Plumbing hose is popularly used across Malaysia and has been present ever since. Before this hose was crafted, copper piping was primarily utilized in houses across the country.

The Benefits of Installing a Flexible Plumbing Hose

Now that you know what this hose is and what it’s commonly used for, it’s good to learn about the advantages that surround when using this material. Doing so will help you decide whether or not you should proceed with installing a flexible plumbing hose for your home!

  • As its name implies, flexible hoses are pretty easy to install. This can be a great advantage to help you or workers finish their tasks faster and easier.
  • Flexible pipes are impressive with all sorts of chemicals. The material the hose is built from can withstand and resist a variety of chemical products. Thus, it helps maintain an excellent conditioned piping system even when exposed to any type of substance.
  • Even if they’re bent or shaped, these pipes are amazingly leakproof; some lines don’t offer this kind of advantage. Making flexible pipes the best product to utilize in any job around your home.
  • Flexible plumbing hose pipes are resistant to any type of fungus conditions. They don’t get affected by a fungus that can break them and cause severe damage to your house.

Helpful Tips For Having a Flexible Plumbing Hose

Want to prolong the life of your Flexible Plumbing hose? Then be sure to follow these tips!

  • Ensure that your hose is free from rust, leaks, and cracks is to defend it against water damage that’s commonly caused by flooding and acquired moisture from leaks and drips.
  • Make sure that only a licensed plumber can carry out any plumbing task on your property, especially when it comes to installing a flex hose. Plumbers have the needed tools for the job and even have the expertise to connect the flexible hose the right way.
  • Practice a regular maintenance check to ensure that your hose is in excellent and suitable condition. Doing so will also help you detect any problems that are happening before they go out of hand.


Flexible plumbing hose is indeed a material that’s helpful to many homeowners across the nation. They do a great job at keeping your plumbing system safe and secured, so you don’t have to worry about anything else anymore!