Being human, the majority of us always look to save some money in any way we can. Whether it be reducing extra costs or doing something by ourselves so we don’t have to pay service providers. The same is the case with plumbing. Many of us try to do all the plumbing works by ourselves so we don’t have to call in the professional plumbers. However, there are some plumbing fixes that you can do without getting any external help. These are, DIY things and we must learn how to do them. If you tried and find it time consuming, you can always hire a plumbing contractor in KL to help you.

Minor plumbing fixes are very easy. We just need proper tools for them. In this modern and technological world, we can learn everything from the internet. Why not learn some DIY plumbing fixes that will help us in fixing some plumbing issues. It is not efficient to call professional plumbers every time there is a problem, we should try to solve the issues by ourselves. Some of the plumbing fixes that you can do yourself are listed below.

Clogged Drain

It is important to know how to prevent a clogged drain. We should not use an expensive drain cleaning chemical as it is toxic and deteriorates the life of the pipeline. We should not put food particles in the kitchen drain. It is necessary to reduce grease discharge in the drain as well. We can use hair catchers to avoid getting hair into the drain. Learn the basics of what things can go down the drain without causing clogs. 

In case of a clogged drain, you should use a plunger first. It will help to clean the drain with pressure. You can also use a hair clog tool to catch the hairs. Further, the drain clog remover tool can also be helpful in removing the grease and clog.

If there is a slow drain but not due to clogging, then plumber must be called, as it is a case of air pressure and issue with plumbing vents. But if we take proper measures, then we can surely avoid clogging of a drain.

Running Toilet

Toilets are used many times a day. Commonly, some problems occur with it. The bowl of the toilet may not fill properly after a flush or the toilet keeps running and resulting in wastage of water. These issues are very easy to fix. The fill tube needs to be checked, the overflow tube does not fill the tank properly which results in slow flushes. Reattach the valve and fill the tube and make sure it is firm. Flush the toilet to check if it’s there or not. A running toilet can be easily resolved by changing the flapper. A damaged flapper results in the continuous running of the toilet. It is better to replace the flapper to eradicate this issue.

Replacing Showerhead

Problems in showerheads are very common. We all have faced this issue once in our lives. The problem that showerhead causes can be slow pressure of water or constant dripping of water from the showerhead. The constant dripping may be due to thread or Teflon tape is not properly used. First, shut off the water supply, then open the showerhead and properly seal it with thread and tape. The constant dripping of water will never exist again. But, the slow pressure of water can lead to frustration. This happens due to clogging or sediment formation in the showerhead. Sediment build-up is toxic and can cause harm to your health. It is better to replace the showerhead. It is very to install, you just need to screw it in properly by the use of groove pliers.

Replacing The Sink Faucet

If you want to change the old faucet and give you sink a new style, then you should know how to replace a faucet. In case of any dripping, you can also use this technique to change the faucet. You just need to unscrew the nuts of the faucets. A wrench can help you unscrew the nuts. Once the faucet is removed. You just need to screw the nuts in the same way you unscrewed it. 

Repairing Cracked Porcelain

If the floor or bottom of the toilet is cracked, then there is a higher chance your bathroom will flood. The water will damage the floor of the toilet and get on the walls. This can be a big problem. You can use plumbing putty to stop the leak and stop the water from getting into walls and damaging the porcelain.


It is better to solve some plumbing issues by yourself because it saves money. But it just needs some information and proper tools to fix the problems. Some most common and easy fix that you can by yourself involves the replacement of a faucet or showerhead, to stop the running toiler, to prevent clogging and repairing the cracked porcelain. Make sure to learn these easy DIY projects to prevent a bigger plumbing problem in your house.