Your roof is an essential part of your home. Having an unstable and fragile roof can cause certain issues such as roof leaks or worse, a need for a roof replacement. While roof leaks are normal, this is something that can be prevented through proper maintenance.

There are various causes of roof leaks, and it is best to be aware of them. You may assume that roof leakage is always caused by bad weather, but that’s not entirely accurate.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the certain reasons behind roof leakage.

1. Broken shingles

If you don’t know what shingles are, they’re responsible for covering the underlayment of your roof. Roof shingles protect the rest of your home from rain, sleet, hail, and the like. Water leaks happen quite often with heavy storms, especially with strong winds and rain. Shingles may be dislodged due to the aggressive winds and thus, cause roof leakage.

2. Vent leaks

The purpose of roof vents is to prevent heat and moisture from coming in and to reduce the risk of mold growth in your home. When there is damage to your vents, this creates areas of moisture where damage can occur and even mold can begin to grow, giving off a bad odor. A leak in your roof may be caused by a crack or damage within the vent itself. When this happens, it’s much more challenging to fix compared to roof shingles. In these cases, it’s best to consult a roof repair specialist from Malaysia.

3. Age of roof

Other than broken shingles, your aging roof becomes a prime reason for leakage. Over time, the roof may become weathered and damaged because of general wear and tear.. Depending on your roof material, its sturdiness and durability can weaken over time. Consistent harsh weather and humidity can encourage the deterioration of your roof. This is also why roof leakage is an urgent issue to fix right away.

4. Skylight leaks

This issue is often caused by improper installation of your skylight or a measurement of the skylight. This is why it’s crucial to install your roof properly and securely to prevent any future issues. To install your skylight properly, ensure that you have measured it accurately and that it is sealed properly upon installation. Otherwise, expect a roof leakage to occur. When installing a roof, let the professionals do this.

5. Holes

You may be experiencing roof leakage because of existing holes in your roof possibly caused by falling branches. Investing in sturdy roof material is how you can effectively avoid having holes in your roof, especially when your location is prone to bad weather such as hurricanes. Holes can also be caused by certain items you’ve installed on your roof like a satellite dish, for instance.

Having a roof leakage can be extremely frustrating, especially as it affects the rest of your home. It can cause further damage to different parts of your home’s structure and cause the growth of mold, which in turn can affect the safety and health of those living inside. However, by properly identifying the reason behind the leakage, you can easily have it repaired. Whether it was caused by bad weather or improper installation, roof leakage isn’t a permanent thing so you do not need to stress over it.

When it comes to serious cases of roof leakage, consult the experts to ensure that the job is done well and so that you can avoid future instances of it happening again. Call Mr.Plumber for a FREE quote and assessment today!